Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Whatever happened to chuck? The story untold.‏

So early in the Happy days series both Richie and Joanie had a brother chuck. Somewhere in the first season he was missing but never reported as such. Seemingly to have vanished no mention was ever made of the missing son/brother. This is the undocumented story of chuck, the missing Cunningham

It was June of 1965 chuck and his basketball team were on a road trip to a neighboring town for a match. The driver Arthur Fonzarelli was a little tired. He had been drinking throughout the day and due to the lax DWI laws at the time the odor of gin on his breath was ignored by school officials. At a high rate of speed he took the turn at elm creek lost control and flipped the bus 16 times. chuck was found days later face down in a puddle deep inside the woods having been thrown from the bus he cracked his vertebrate survived the fall but drowned in the puddle while unconscious and paralyzed.
The news rocked the Cunningham household. Immediately Mr.c started a high level of alcohol consumption that eventually left him jobless and impotent.
Mrs. c started fearing losing the house and having to take over the head of household role tried to find employment. But sadly due to her abysmal lack of education and job skills she was found unemployable. She sank into the depths of depression eventually being led into the underworld of prostitution and hard core porn at the advice of her new acquaintances Lavern and Shirley. She had met them through Arthur  Fonzarelli during a brief but explosive affair.

The story for Richie is even more profoundly sad. Loving his brother deeply he fell into a deep dispair. He often tried to reach out to his father Mr. C but often was rebuffed with wild accusations of how Richie was responsible and flat out cursing bouts. Often he would be violently set upon by his father. Being beaten with a table leg and being told "you'll never be a DiMaggio." He took his sorrow to Al's a local eatery owned by a big man named AL.  Al had been run out of New jersey earlier in the year due to substantiated accusations of child molestation. Having saved up his money and a growing child porn industry he was able to buy the eatery with his ill gotten gains, Richie seeking the advice and comfort from a fatherly figure soon fell prey to Al's ways. He was introduced to the "dungon." A converted space under the diner that through the years to come many of Milwaukee's young population. would be visiting. Sadly this sleepy little suburb proved to be a virtual gold mine for AL since the children were often left to their own devices since most of the population was suffering from alcoholism and the children were emotionally abandoned.

Joanie the youngest was left apparently untouched by this. She had never really had a chance to bond with her eldest brother and often referred to him as "buck tooth smelly bastard" when in private. It would seem that chuck was somewhat sneaky in the evenings and after all had gone to bed would creep into Joanie's room for some "personal time" with little sister. She was happy indeed about the accident but that glee soon turned to shame as she grew older and realized her feelings inappropriate. Having a tough time battling the demons in her she was introduced to heroin from the Fonz's cousin chichi. She had gotten into a relationship that was more and more turning controlling and abusive with Chachi. Soon she was strung out and stealing for her and Chachis habit. One night in a drug fuzzed rage she stabbed chachi 59 times for taking the last of the shit. She received a lengthy jail term and was released a clean sober and educated woman. She is on tour with empowerment speeches from state to state. sadly there is only one success story and she owns it. Mr c died from a rotten liver Mrs c caught aids form "raw" videos Richie was diagnosed as terminally depressed and is still in care of the state. Fonzie still rocks the leather jacket and tours with sha-na-na.
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