Saturday, August 11, 2012

The calm

Sitting by the river 
  Pea coat on 
Collar up  
Smoking his cigarette-

He says to me that he met Mr. Nobody this morning ..

seated in a lounge chair, wearing a top hat,with his name written on it.

Said he spoke to him about Ignorance -

A thousand years ago, he would have been considered a king of wisdom-

Who once called a sage is now looked upon as a madman -

And the madmen are now crowned as sages and kings-

We must brace and embrace for the belt-buckle slap-snap'cross reality's back -
       And awake from our daze-

War, horror, terror, typhoons, earthquakes, and famine 
All kinds of pain and suffering one can possibly go insane-
Not just from witnessing others suffering , but the suffering one goes through by themselves- And so it come to this = sitting by the river with nothing more then a single puffy white and gray cloud floating on by all -
All I see is  ENDLESS GREY -
He turns to me and says '' I am finished...I'm going home to get drunk now '' 

Mad Rambles and Mumblings,Rumbles, Roars, and Thunderclaps 

Only to be met by moments of whispers and soft winds -
Like standing out side one afternoon in an autumn drizzle -
Eventually the storm in his mind has passed and there is calm -sunshine, blue skies , 
birds  chirping, singing, ol' chaps whistling - 
But I can tell this is only the calm before the next storm -
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