Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Act one

Ring , ring! ,

Aussie - ''Hello''  *Voice sounds shaky

 Pretty girl Veronica  ~ ''Hello Aussie, ummm is there something wrong ?''

Aussie-  * Starts to cry*  ''Yep, lola and i broke up.''

''Omg what happened? ''

 ''I'm not really sure'' 

Beep, beep-

''Ummm,Veronica can i call you back i have another call ''

'' Sure thing ''



Plain old Lola ~ ''Baby I'm sorry'' 

''I'm sorry too baby, guess i'm just a bad boyfriend''  *Insert sad face here*

''No baby, I love you . I just want you to stop going behind my back ''

''Oh baby, baby  you're such a nice girl, i will. I don't wanna hurt you''

Beep, beep!

'' Oh baby pudding pop, my mom has a call can i call you back ?''

''Of course''  * Said in a sweet little girl voice*  ''I love you baby''

*Said quickly*  '' love you too bye''



Pretty girl 2 Brittany ~ Hello My little Aussie bear, I've missed you ! wanna hangout today ? 

Ummmm... YES ! Just give me a few mins to get ready and i'll be right over !!

Still not well

Time to let go.
  Of all that is.
Pure neurotic pessimistic anxiety .
  Negative worrisome .
tiresome  maddening paranoiac downright miserable.
  And since misery loves his company,the whirlwind
cesspool of this neurotic misery will do 
  it's best to bring and or drag me down.
Once again I almost fell into the trap.
  Sneaky sneak. Tricky trick and no treat.
Same nasty game ,and is quite boring at this point in my life.
  From the bowel movement this morning to the cup of joe
 that i've  been sippin' on . Not too hot . Tho' 
  here in this eatery hot as an oven it is.
Can make a person feel sluggish.Ah,The Doors on the radio.
  Have it on low, I can hear it. Seated right by the speakers.
And the windows too. Cool air comin' in. A bit of relief. 
  My toes remain cold tho' no matter what .
 I begin to write....
  A thought has occurred to me. Beauty is deadly.
The more beautiful the more horrific the death.
   My man Jack Kerouac said it best ' pretty girls make graves'
How many beautiful young women, girls have been killed,
  murdered ,slaughtered, torn to pieces..over their beauty.
One can become obsessed with such beauty.
One can go to extremes . Many have ,and many more will.
  Lust. The lust of flesh. The flesh that rots is what we become 
attached to. Beauty is a killer . A stalker hiding in the night.
   One look within those eyes and you're  lost. Lost soul.
The scent of licorice and incense flame through my nostrils..
   The sun upon me once again. Makes me stop and think .
  I Inspect your mind . Ego trouble .
sirens calling you out to sea into smashing rocks rubble.
 Beauty is the killer . Turning  saints into sinners .
   Murder for bloody satisfaction . Blood sacrifice to the gods.
 Obsesses flesh , enmeshed among madness mess.
   Blood the holy wine . holy grail. drink forth and ye shall 
become  immortal. Devilish ? Foolish . 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Early morn ,my next door neighbor is playing his music really loud- 
Can here the music coming from the speakers -  
The way I hear it - U2 ''With or with out you ''  is the song playing - A sad song to fit a sad and lonely person such as myself , within a sad and lonely state of mind- Broken heart bleeding upon already stained boots..Picking at my cuticles 'till they too will bleed-
        In my head

I don't know how people forgive and forget. 
I mean it sounds simple enough, but is actually one of the hardest things we learn to do as we get older. 

I think when people hurt you they just want a quick fix to the problem. Lets slap a Band Aid on it and move you right along ! 
       This is done more for their benefit than yours..

There's a saying that goes something like this : 
The most expensive thing in the world is Trust ! 
   It can take years to earn and just a matter of seconds to lose. 

Hmmm.. . deep if you really think about it. But that's the thing, I don't think people really do think about it.