Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bear Domination And Everything Inbetween

I have been working on my doll clothing line for months, and just when  I  think I might have a chance to finish it,  I come up with a new idea!.

My clothing line will consist of a few key elements. Romance,whimsy, and fairy tale-ish designs. 
                        Yesterday I created a bear coat for Blythe using a real mini teddy bear! 

I really am happy with how this is turning out so far. 
I am posting a link to my facebook for anyone interested in seeing how this was made

After creating this jacket, I came across an actual clothing designer who makes larger than life creations for adult people out of a teddy bears.
Her blog can be found here


                                              I really wish I had a bear stole just like that! 
I really want to make more teddy bear related items for Blythe using real mini teddy bears. 
                                   I also made an upcycled teddy bear space outfit.

                 I also have  a few dresses that will be appearing in my upcycled collection as well.
                                        These are all hand painted ,sewed and dyed. 
                              I still need to finish them up but I like to let everyone get a peek

                                           I am also making about five upcycled coats

There a a few more that I don't have displayed here that will be ready soon.All of these one's above  are all still a work in progress.

            I also have a few necklaces I made for Blythe that are available right now in my shop!


Blythe customization quick fix!

I know I'm probably gonna get crap for this!  But I don't care, it's my blog and I'll say what I want.

There is a group on Facebook I joined a few months ago for Blythe customizers that though I think it's great for helping, I feel like it's making  customizers not have to think anymore!

People just go there sometimes with nonsense. Asking question to things they really could have figured out on their own if they just tried. I'm not saying all the questions are nonsense, but a great many are! Sorry, but I've been  customizing dolls for a few years and can say  everything with the exception of maybe two things, I learned on my own! I'm not even saying that it's wrong to ask for help,

I guess i'm just old school and I learned what I learned through trial and error mostly. I also did research and spent hours just sitting and thinking. It feels though everybody wants a quick fix to everything now. Nobody wants to start at the bottom and earn their name as a Blythe customizer in the Blythe community anymore.