Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Steampunk Jacket

                                       I finished up a pretty cool steampunk inspired coat today

The hardest part about making this coat was making the wings which I've been working on since the summer, and then actually attaching them.

The wings were handmade and took me all summer to do . I made the wing pattern and then cutout pictures from many Hi Fructose Magazines. I then Mod Podge them along with real bits and pieces of butterfly wings from butterflies I raised that died natural on my property throughout the summer. Even the fabric was specially chosen.The mouse/mushroom print is a Lisa Ericson design. She has had her work featured in Hi- FRUCTOSE magazine as well, so I thought these wings fit well.

I attached the wings with leather slips I made and then sewed them in place

I think this coat turned out pretty cool

Today I made special ears to go with this coat