Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Ahh..Mark Twain is helping me along with my writing.
His style is no doubt - loose -spontaneous and free . 
Thus how true write must be??
Reading, No - writing - eating- drinking coffee endlessly- 
checking my watch repeatedly so as not be late for something
  Tho' I don't know what-
It's cold gray dreary outside today-
 This city's a wild place -
No wonder I'm so tired and bored - all the freaks  (the fun freaks ) come out at night-
  don't get me wrong we've got hustlers and freaks and junkies all day long-
 I just had a talk with man I've met before, a while ago-  he's a businessman, a REAL  businessman-   he's either on the net , on the phones ,or on the move- 
when all is said and done, he's waiting for ''the call''.. chilling  with his newspaper and Budweiser in his hand -  he seems alright-  but you see he still wants to be a part of the fun and freaks at night in the city -  I don't ..I want to be left alone - 
  Will I ever publish some writing?
Sell enough drawings or painting to never have to work a bullshit job again?
  What is it to be a real arteest !?!? 
To be in the presents of one ..hmmm..will I ever know..
  That businessman I spoke to, he knows-
He just spent three days with an ''atreest'' who does it all - exhibits everywhere-
  now in Italy - but you know , it was just then that something occurred to me-
I wish to write, just to write -
  Who cares if anybody reads it! write and let it out! If anyone reads it , let em'
if not , no matter to me..Write about the people I meet- about my 
  mood snaps and punchin' walls bleeding knuckles, Say what I wish to say  
 Fuck everything  
 Fuck the pointing finger of sin- ooh.. you bad girl 
 I just write about it- that's all
The best thing is to just let it all out -
and go with the flow...been wobbling and out of and off balance , off the beam
 Fuck it !!!
 Go buy some incense
 Fuck everyone's nonsense
 Fuck Jack ! no , not THEE JACK KEROUAC , but the guy who goes by that name,
 who at this moment in time works in the park
 Fuck my  weak bladder , you know how many times I almost piss myself !
 Fuck true art, no such thing exist ! 
 Fuck the sandwich I had for lunch, it sucked so bad i began to cry  
 Fuck my therapist 
 Fuck the pharmacist , that bitch ! 
 the one who lied to me
  take away the pharma' and yer left is 'cist'
This cyst , this laceration wound and it's growing poisoning minds 
 with ghetto ass pants wearing saggin' kids, yelling nigger this ,nigger that
leaving gaping footprints in the earth and snow ..chased the Indians away 
 and the ghost and spirits are disturbed and waking to this Times Square Madness-
 Copyright ©2012 by Avabunny

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A sneak peek at my Scandinavian, folklore, white magic style new jewelry line

I have been busy all summer creating a new jewelry line that I'm calling white magic. It's inspired by the Scandinavian style, folklore, and Magic !.  Here's  a sneak peek @t what I've been up to !. 
                         All work and images © Avabunny 2012
                                   This is my little moon fairy. Painted in oil 
                        The primary colors for my new line are sliver and white 
                             I then added a hint of sparkle and traces of blood red

The stuff hanging off the necklaces that looks like hair  I took off a witches head is actually a sparkle ribbon that I pulled apart. 

                                            These are some random pieces for another necklace
                          This little guy was made with ink on suede, and then leather backed

This is a deco girl done in ink and she will be leather backed 
                                                                                                            Aug 1/ 2012  
                                                 Today I'm adding more little sneak peeks 
                                                   This is little red  done Scandinavian style!
                              I painted this little portrait of little red a few months back.
                                                ~   Now I will use her for this line ~
                                       This was a unicorn I bought a few months back . 
                                                         I'm making  him white ! 
                                                           This too will be white !
                                                            And like magic they are white!
                                           No, not magic!, just spray paint for jewelry,lol

Pink has been customized with her new cat face and cotton candy pink hair

About a month ago I shipped Pink off to Portugal to have her rerooted. I found the most amazing woman to do it over at Etsy . Her name is Sandra Efigenio, and she did the most incredible job. 

She also did some work on her face. I can't believe the how amazing she now looks.
                                            ~~~~~~  Here are some pictures   ~~~~~~~                            

                                                   This is pink before the makeover 


This is pink after the makeover

                                           L@@k at the long pink lashes and whiskers !!

                                                    Such long hair, and so soft too! 
                   Oh  By the way, I had the dress custom made for her by Amiee over @t little deer 
                     The only thing left to do is find her a pair of kitty cat ears ^-^
                         Thank you Sandra for remaking pink over
She is now a whole new doll !!
I can't say enough about how much I love her new face <3

Friday, July 27, 2012

My traditional Scandinavian house

 I don't know if  anyone remembers the doll house I bought off eBay a few months back.
   The one that I'm customizing for my Blythe dolls. Well,  I have been very busy remaking it over. 
     I have decided  to do it up to look like a traditional Scandinavian house. 

            I painted the the whole outside and inside of the house white today. 

                                               This was the house before I painted it.
                                                           God I hated the green! 
                                                    This is after I painted it .
                                                      Much better  *_*

  I only have one problem.. since I have now decided to make it into a Scandinavian home I wanna do the wall  white with an etchings. Kinda like the house in the picture down there.                                     

             Not to go off topic here  but I don't think they should have put a spice rack in the middle of the deer design.         

Anyway changing the idea of the house now means I may have to go over the lovely wall paper I had put up. Just in case nobody remembers here's a picture. 

                  I don't know maybe I will leave the one wall the way it is. 
                       Need more time to think it over , good night guys <3