Friday, July 27, 2012

My traditional Scandinavian house

 I don't know if  anyone remembers the doll house I bought off eBay a few months back.
   The one that I'm customizing for my Blythe dolls. Well,  I have been very busy remaking it over. 
     I have decided  to do it up to look like a traditional Scandinavian house. 

            I painted the the whole outside and inside of the house white today. 

                                               This was the house before I painted it.
                                                           God I hated the green! 
                                                    This is after I painted it .
                                                      Much better  *_*

  I only have one problem.. since I have now decided to make it into a Scandinavian home I wanna do the wall  white with an etchings. Kinda like the house in the picture down there.                                     

             Not to go off topic here  but I don't think they should have put a spice rack in the middle of the deer design.         

Anyway changing the idea of the house now means I may have to go over the lovely wall paper I had put up. Just in case nobody remembers here's a picture. 

                  I don't know maybe I will leave the one wall the way it is. 
                       Need more time to think it over , good night guys <3

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