Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Necklace and dollhouse updated

Yesterday me and Emily got to work on fixing up the house. We finally put up the new wallpaper! .

                         I think it really turned out much better then I thought it would.
                          We even did the wall over  by the fireplace !

                           We are not done remodeling this is just a small peek into what we done :)
                                                        All work and images © Avabunny 2012
                                                          I also started on  a new necklaces. 
                      This one will have a snowflake fairy theme to it. I know snowflakes in June !?!?  Can you blame me for dwelling on colder weather after the last heatwave we just had.
                                                  Anyhow this is what the heatwave has inspired                                                                                                         

                                                        This no where near done! 

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  1. Love the new wallpaper. Emily is going to have a neat little house! Snowflakes in June - can't blame you there. That heatwave is headed our direction. *groan*