Saturday, June 23, 2012

Learning how to make my own perfume

About a month ago I was talking with my sister about possibly learning how to make my own perfume. She's been making her own perfume now for years so she sent me a box full of supplies!!   Pretty much everything a first timer needs to get started.  
I just got the box today and am very exited to get started mixing and inventing my own scents:) 
                                                          Here's a peek in to what I got ! 


               Once I've had a chance to play around with the oils and stuff I post a how to post :)

                               I also picked up some new jewelry supplies to make a new necklace. 
                                       The little charms are very mystical and mysterious. 
                  So I took some pictures to show you what they look like next to some of the samples .


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