Saturday, June 16, 2012

Secret garden

Today was such a nice day out I decided to pack up a small bag and walk the property.It's been awhile since I've done it. I think I was inspired by the book I just bought, Tuck Everlasting. In the the first chapter Winnie is talking to a bullfrog about what might be on the other side of the fence that leads out in the the great woods on the property that her family owns. So, although I don't have such big woods outside my front door like Winnie does, I do however have a pretty decent size property to walk around . So armed with my book and my doll Emily I set off. -

I had fun walking the property trying to find a shady spot to finish the book. 
In some parts the grass is over 3 foot tall !
                     I love trees, and boy do we have a lot of 'em. I took a few up shots 
I love looking up and seeing the sky through the leaves.
I don't know how many of you remember the weeping Willow tree I got a few months back .Well, when they shipped it, it looked like a stick ,lol, -Now look at it,big heart shaped leaves

We finally found a nice shady spot and look at some of the surrounding flowers that have bloomed 

Today was a very relaxing day


  1. Aww, everything is so beautiful! I'm glad you had a nice day

  2. Thank you,I don't walk the property nearly as much as I should,have to change that!

  3. So pretty. But this looks like country living to me, and don't you live in the city? You must have carved out your own little paradise somehow. Very lovely.

    1. I live in nyc, but not in Manhattan which is what is considered ''the city'' I live just outside a Manhattan. What we call the suburbs, lol :)