Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Housewarming party !

Over the weekend Emily had a bit of a house warming party. Emily greeted her friends in her new dress that we won in a contest by Pepperoni pizza !


                                           All the girls showed up dressed in their finest outfits.

                        ''Hello Madame,I'm so glad you could make it"
                        '' Hello dear. My ,my  your head is so big my dear"
                       ''Why Madame you look lovely . Are those new shoes!??!''
                                 ''Yes they are dear, would you like to try 'em on?''

''Oh my, these shoes are huge Madame !''

                                   As the night went on the girls gabbed and swapped clothing. 
                                     At some point Emily ended up with Cinderellas cloak ! 
                                                         The girls had a great time.
                                         There was even a gypsy  reading tarot cards.

 .                                                     Xoxo Bunny <3

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  1. What fun they had! Emily looks amazing in the dress. I'm glad she has it!