Monday, June 4, 2012

Better then any house on cribs!

The girls moved into their new house over the weekend ! 
                                 Emily  just loves the french doors and fire place !
                            As you can see pink was overjoyed 
                  ''Listen up everyone! Ummm..this is where we live now !''
                                       Good job telling the gang pink!

''Who wants to see the upstairs !?!?!''
I think  the gang thinks that's a great idea pink!

              ''Ummm..Hello mom , we're gonna need a bed for us!''
                             I know pink, I'm working on it sweetie:)

                                              Thanks for stopping over!


  1. how are blogs in 7 days are you ok?

  2. Ah Mr.MacLaughlin I am fine. Your concern is always appreciated!