Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Necklace and dollhouse updated

Yesterday me and Emily got to work on fixing up the house. We finally put up the new wallpaper! .

                         I think it really turned out much better then I thought it would.
                          We even did the wall over  by the fireplace !

                           We are not done remodeling this is just a small peek into what we done :)
                                                        All work and images © Avabunny 2012
                                                          I also started on  a new necklaces. 
                      This one will have a snowflake fairy theme to it. I know snowflakes in June !?!?  Can you blame me for dwelling on colder weather after the last heatwave we just had.
                                                  Anyhow this is what the heatwave has inspired                                                                                                         

                                                        This no where near done! 

Housewarming party !

Over the weekend Emily had a bit of a house warming party. Emily greeted her friends in her new dress that we won in a contest by Pepperoni pizza !


                                           All the girls showed up dressed in their finest outfits.

                        ''Hello Madame,I'm so glad you could make it"
                        '' Hello dear. My ,my  your head is so big my dear"
                       ''Why Madame you look lovely . Are those new shoes!??!''
                                 ''Yes they are dear, would you like to try 'em on?''

''Oh my, these shoes are huge Madame !''

                                   As the night went on the girls gabbed and swapped clothing. 
                                     At some point Emily ended up with Cinderellas cloak ! 
                                                         The girls had a great time.
                                         There was even a gypsy  reading tarot cards.

 .                                                     Xoxo Bunny <3

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Learning how to make my own perfume

About a month ago I was talking with my sister about possibly learning how to make my own perfume. She's been making her own perfume now for years so she sent me a box full of supplies!!   Pretty much everything a first timer needs to get started.  
I just got the box today and am very exited to get started mixing and inventing my own scents:) 
                                                          Here's a peek in to what I got ! 


               Once I've had a chance to play around with the oils and stuff I post a how to post :)

                               I also picked up some new jewelry supplies to make a new necklace. 
                                       The little charms are very mystical and mysterious. 
                  So I took some pictures to show you what they look like next to some of the samples .


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Secret garden

Today was such a nice day out I decided to pack up a small bag and walk the property.It's been awhile since I've done it. I think I was inspired by the book I just bought, Tuck Everlasting. In the the first chapter Winnie is talking to a bullfrog about what might be on the other side of the fence that leads out in the the great woods on the property that her family owns. So, although I don't have such big woods outside my front door like Winnie does, I do however have a pretty decent size property to walk around . So armed with my book and my doll Emily I set off. -

I had fun walking the property trying to find a shady spot to finish the book. 
In some parts the grass is over 3 foot tall !
                     I love trees, and boy do we have a lot of 'em. I took a few up shots 
I love looking up and seeing the sky through the leaves.
I don't know how many of you remember the weeping Willow tree I got a few months back .Well, when they shipped it, it looked like a stick ,lol, -Now look at it,big heart shaped leaves

We finally found a nice shady spot and look at some of the surrounding flowers that have bloomed 

Today was a very relaxing day

Thursday, June 14, 2012

little mouse

Today  I came across one of the cutest books ever!. So, I bought it,not to read but for the artwork. The whole book has the most amazing illustrations. Here are a few.

Not only is the artwork cute, but some parts of the book were written in rhyme. It reminded me of a short story I wrote a while back, it's about a little mouse that lives under the stairs.
 I'm gonna post it for you guys.
         There was a cute mouse that lived under the stair,
                             a lovely brown mouse with a pink ribbon in her hair.
                             She would creep into the kitchen to get a light snack,
                             store it in her plump cheeks and then scamper back.
                             She would sit by the window just below the fifth stair,
                             and look out the window eating her snack and primping her hair.
                             The view from the window looked onto a woods edge,
                             and there she would sit on the dusty windows ledge.
                             Then one day, as every day before, she went to the kitchen
                             and scampered under the door.
                             She took her place on the windows ledge to stare
                             out the window that lay just below the fifth stair.
                             When out of the edge of the woods by the road,
                             there hopped out a magnificent green toad.
                             She lifted her paw and as hard as she could,
                             she knocked on the window for the toad by the wood.
                             He heard her knocking from way over there
                             and spotted the mouse with the ribbon in her hair.
                             She lifted her paw once more just to say hi!
                             The toad waved then waved back and then ate a fly.
                             The two saw each other most every day,
                             The toad would eat a fly and the mouse would just wave.
                             Then one day the mouse feeling lonely as could be
                             Waved the toad over for some ginger tea.
                             The toad looked both ways before crossing the road,
                             and over to the window our little toad strode.
                             Then scuttling under the clear window pane
                             The toad sat with the mouse as it started to rain.
                                        Copyright ©2012 byAvabunny-

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The butterflies woke up

It's been a week since the butterflies arrived and they have gone through some massive changes! All of 'em cocooned up a week ago and have now just arrived into the world as big beautiful butterflies yesterday!  Since I'm a little behind lets start with the cocooning shall we..
                        Do not disturb 
            Great changes are taking place 

                         One week later 

  Emily wanted to take some pictures with 'em

                        Group photos