Saturday, June 2, 2012

A new friend arrived in the mail !

Today has been a very busy day. 
The girls met for the first time and a new friend showed up in the mail as well !!!

                        This a picture of the girls meeting for the first time 

After the girls got acquainted they noticed a package was waiting for them .
Hmmm..what could be inside?

Emily sits right down and is ready to open it. Pinky is not to sure.

Finally they agree to both open it .
Why look who it is girls, it's a new friend .

Emily doesn't know what to make of this new friend. 
Perhaps we should take her out and get a better look.. yes  that's what we'll do.
                           Oh my, she fuzzy. Do we like this ?

What's your name ??

Hold on Emily!... Pinky wants to make sure this fluffy thing is okay

       Oh yes, it's definitely soft and smell like cotton candy ..oh we love it!