Thursday, June 14, 2012

little mouse

Today  I came across one of the cutest books ever!. So, I bought it,not to read but for the artwork. The whole book has the most amazing illustrations. Here are a few.

Not only is the artwork cute, but some parts of the book were written in rhyme. It reminded me of a short story I wrote a while back, it's about a little mouse that lives under the stairs.
 I'm gonna post it for you guys.
         There was a cute mouse that lived under the stair,
                             a lovely brown mouse with a pink ribbon in her hair.
                             She would creep into the kitchen to get a light snack,
                             store it in her plump cheeks and then scamper back.
                             She would sit by the window just below the fifth stair,
                             and look out the window eating her snack and primping her hair.
                             The view from the window looked onto a woods edge,
                             and there she would sit on the dusty windows ledge.
                             Then one day, as every day before, she went to the kitchen
                             and scampered under the door.
                             She took her place on the windows ledge to stare
                             out the window that lay just below the fifth stair.
                             When out of the edge of the woods by the road,
                             there hopped out a magnificent green toad.
                             She lifted her paw and as hard as she could,
                             she knocked on the window for the toad by the wood.
                             He heard her knocking from way over there
                             and spotted the mouse with the ribbon in her hair.
                             She lifted her paw once more just to say hi!
                             The toad waved then waved back and then ate a fly.
                             The two saw each other most every day,
                             The toad would eat a fly and the mouse would just wave.
                             Then one day the mouse feeling lonely as could be
                             Waved the toad over for some ginger tea.
                             The toad looked both ways before crossing the road,
                             and over to the window our little toad strode.
                             Then scuttling under the clear window pane
                             The toad sat with the mouse as it started to rain.
                                        Copyright ©2012 byAvabunny-

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