Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Love is dead 
Romance is dead
Trust is dead 
Faith is dead
death is dead
Truth of the game trust no one 
I'm a pirate that sails the concrete seas in search of something she knows she'll never find.
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Life and death

 Welcome to his ceremony
                       Unholy Matrimony
                       All out of tune
                         A drunken mess in distress
                        Waiting for his pills to kick in 
                           his head in a swoon
                             He sits alone  
           The pain of reality cuts thru' him like a knife
                  He's caught in the sea of sands 
                       His dreams have all unravelled before him
                   Beyond all memories ,time and space 
                     All has been erased

            A coward an ill fuck plagued with memories 
           Cursed and under a spell he just can't
          shake these demons loose straight to hell

                  Now left alone listening
                                                            full of sorrow
                                                        Just wondering if he's coming or going
                                                             Tho' nothing is happening
                                                                  Life and death
                                                               within every breath
                                                           This could be you, this could be me
                                                                    This is mortality Reality.
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Whatever happened to chuck? The story untold.‏

So early in the Happy days series both Richie and Joanie had a brother chuck. Somewhere in the first season he was missing but never reported as such. Seemingly to have vanished no mention was ever made of the missing son/brother. This is the undocumented story of chuck, the missing Cunningham

It was June of 1965 chuck and his basketball team were on a road trip to a neighboring town for a match. The driver Arthur Fonzarelli was a little tired. He had been drinking throughout the day and due to the lax DWI laws at the time the odor of gin on his breath was ignored by school officials. At a high rate of speed he took the turn at elm creek lost control and flipped the bus 16 times. chuck was found days later face down in a puddle deep inside the woods having been thrown from the bus he cracked his vertebrate survived the fall but drowned in the puddle while unconscious and paralyzed.
The news rocked the Cunningham household. Immediately Mr.c started a high level of alcohol consumption that eventually left him jobless and impotent.
Mrs. c started fearing losing the house and having to take over the head of household role tried to find employment. But sadly due to her abysmal lack of education and job skills she was found unemployable. She sank into the depths of depression eventually being led into the underworld of prostitution and hard core porn at the advice of her new acquaintances Lavern and Shirley. She had met them through Arthur  Fonzarelli during a brief but explosive affair.

The story for Richie is even more profoundly sad. Loving his brother deeply he fell into a deep dispair. He often tried to reach out to his father Mr. C but often was rebuffed with wild accusations of how Richie was responsible and flat out cursing bouts. Often he would be violently set upon by his father. Being beaten with a table leg and being told "you'll never be a DiMaggio." He took his sorrow to Al's a local eatery owned by a big man named AL.  Al had been run out of New jersey earlier in the year due to substantiated accusations of child molestation. Having saved up his money and a growing child porn industry he was able to buy the eatery with his ill gotten gains, Richie seeking the advice and comfort from a fatherly figure soon fell prey to Al's ways. He was introduced to the "dungon." A converted space under the diner that through the years to come many of Milwaukee's young population. would be visiting. Sadly this sleepy little suburb proved to be a virtual gold mine for AL since the children were often left to their own devices since most of the population was suffering from alcoholism and the children were emotionally abandoned.

Joanie the youngest was left apparently untouched by this. She had never really had a chance to bond with her eldest brother and often referred to him as "buck tooth smelly bastard" when in private. It would seem that chuck was somewhat sneaky in the evenings and after all had gone to bed would creep into Joanie's room for some "personal time" with little sister. She was happy indeed about the accident but that glee soon turned to shame as she grew older and realized her feelings inappropriate. Having a tough time battling the demons in her she was introduced to heroin from the Fonz's cousin chichi. She had gotten into a relationship that was more and more turning controlling and abusive with Chachi. Soon she was strung out and stealing for her and Chachis habit. One night in a drug fuzzed rage she stabbed chachi 59 times for taking the last of the shit. She received a lengthy jail term and was released a clean sober and educated woman. She is on tour with empowerment speeches from state to state. sadly there is only one success story and she owns it. Mr c died from a rotten liver Mrs c caught aids form "raw" videos Richie was diagnosed as terminally depressed and is still in care of the state. Fonzie still rocks the leather jacket and tours with sha-na-na.
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Scandinavian mouse

                                             I just got my little mouse in the mail today !
                                        ~This little guy will live in the new doll house~

Sneak peak of things to come

                                  Oh deer!
        Let's just say I've decided to paint my own mural for the dollhouse  
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Drowning and sinkin' fast

Depressed . Sad . In despair- Can't seem to shake it off -
Slowly, my mind becomes warm -
Slowly, I start to see my life slip away-

Self- absorption 
         Self -abortion 
                     (in the basement)

Pathetic sympathetic therapeutic all so predictable 
unstable fable of a story once told ...a thousands times 
over...dreamin' of clovers are we? 
dreaming of a dream once dreamt!?!? to the extent that you Begin to wonder that 1) never came down from that acid trip or 2( you're stuck in the in between bardo of becoming possible ? damn right so...the only thing that makes me think otherwise is that A)my friends and family still know me B)can still see my reflection in puddles, and windows -though while I've been dreamin' "dreamin'"in sleep in bed it's all the same damn thing - 
I'm drowning and sinkin' fast- 
 ''The lunatic is on the grass '' and  pissin' on it -
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The beginning and end all in one

I AM to the person the longer i'v know them
-Simple . why use long and fancy words , if
the moment has no use for em'- It's simple
The closer  I AM with someone = the easier it is to get ''into ''them-
The way we feel we know it, is full of attachment and fear
Fear is based on loss = losing 
whom or what you've grown accustomed to
I feel at this moment as tho' I AM  a character within Dostoevsky's mind
Jack Kerouac hieroglyph ..
Children's book story line...
It begins with a dot.
from this all words and from . comes 
.Symbols ,symbolic - metaphors of matador (Picasso),nor do I or would I
wish to be , though I do do find myself at times filled with jealousy-
I say to myself as different faces and traces of history and 
Ancestry and wonder what it would be like to be any(which) one 
of those beings - blessed to be human beings..
''walk a mile in my shoes then you'll know!''
I try not to judge and  I don't forget what I've been through 
Maybe at times I do takes my comfort zone and tosses it to the void!
Now what!?!?!
Have to deal with life on life's terms-
At time's easy ,at other time's you wish you never got out of bed!
An that dot- you know what is that dot is !?!?
It's a moment in gap 'tween thoughts. 'tis where I and you 
begin from- where all began and came from ...
The Cosmic Dot. The Eternal dot of awareness , of mindfulness.
When ever I fall off the path or if I stumble if I'm not too caught up
I return to the dot. 
The beginning and the end all in one.
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Retro nail art you can do yourself at home

I got bored yesterday and decided to turn my nails into little works of art! 
                    I did a funky retro 80's design on 'em.  
                          First I picked out my colors !
                                 Than painted each on a different color 
I know my nails are kind of short but I have to keep'em that way because of my art work .
Anyway, take some clear type and paint it with different stripes of color ! 
               Once dry you can cut little shapes out to stick on your nails 
Here's how mine turned out . I know, a bit sloppy ! I got impatient.

                       Next time I'll take my time ,lol
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The calm

Sitting by the river 
  Pea coat on 
Collar up  
Smoking his cigarette-

He says to me that he met Mr. Nobody this morning ..

seated in a lounge chair, wearing a top hat,with his name written on it.

Said he spoke to him about Ignorance -

A thousand years ago, he would have been considered a king of wisdom-

Who once called a sage is now looked upon as a madman -

And the madmen are now crowned as sages and kings-

We must brace and embrace for the belt-buckle slap-snap'cross reality's back -
       And awake from our daze-

War, horror, terror, typhoons, earthquakes, and famine 
All kinds of pain and suffering one can possibly go insane-
Not just from witnessing others suffering , but the suffering one goes through by themselves- And so it come to this = sitting by the river with nothing more then a single puffy white and gray cloud floating on by all -
All I see is  ENDLESS GREY -
He turns to me and says '' I am finished...I'm going home to get drunk now '' 

Mad Rambles and Mumblings,Rumbles, Roars, and Thunderclaps 

Only to be met by moments of whispers and soft winds -
Like standing out side one afternoon in an autumn drizzle -
Eventually the storm in his mind has passed and there is calm -sunshine, blue skies , 
birds  chirping, singing, ol' chaps whistling - 
But I can tell this is only the calm before the next storm -
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Leaping deer drawing

I don't know if this happens to anyone else but I will sometimes see images in things . 
This is what materialized today when I was staring at a sheet of watercolor paper . 
A deer leaping over a little girl ~_~ All images Copyright © 2012 by avabunny

As you can see not a lot of detail  been added yet because I wanted to get the drawing  on to the paper before the image disappeared. It's been know to happen at times, and trust me it blows!.  

I see these types of images all the time if I stare long enough at something. It doesn't even have to be paper!. It can be a wall , the sky , a crack on the floor, or even  a blank canvas .The only thing about this ability that blows is I have to draw the image exactly where I find it. Or else I won't be able draw it at all because the image will fade. 

For instance, if I see the image on the wall, well then that's where I have to draw it. Weird I know ! .  
Kinda makes it impossible when I'm out and I see the images on a train or in the sky,lol 

                I also found this little metal triangle piece that  has a deer shape to it, 
                                          and some brown suede at the store the other day.

                           I'm am going to cut the suede down so that it fits into the metal piece, 
                                  then I'm going to paint a little deer face on the inside of it.  
                                          I'll post pictures when I have the face painted  ~_~ 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Play online for fun

                                I found this online Ouija board 
                     I'm posting a link in case anybody wants to check it out 
           I asked  it to give me winning lotto numbers and it told me future hazy,lol
                                       Maybe it give you winning numbers

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Two of the most amazing artist

I have searched high and low for the artist who's work would compliment my new Scandinavian doll house. 
I  am happy to say I have found two! The first one is Angela Petsis , and  it was her sweet dreamy deer that caught my attention  a few days ago.I have since bought the original encaustic painting  know as Dear Love . This painting is actually 4x4  so it  will fit perfectly in the girls new home 
If you guys get a chance please drop in to her shop over at Etsy
RESERVED for AVA BUNNY Original Encaustic Painting, Encaustic Art, - "Dear Love" By Angela Petsis

The next artist who's work I adore is Kendra Binney . According to Kendra's profile she was raised in a small town with no shoe stores. Most of her time was spent barefoot searching the tall grass for  spiders and snakes, and other hidden treasures.

I fell in love with Kendra's whimsical paintings immediately . I went through Her shop and marked just about everything she had as a favorite !  It was incredibly hard for me to pick just one painting , but I manged to narrow it down to two of her pieces. And I like to add most of her work is on a small scale, so it's perfect for a doll house. Here are the two I'm deciding between .
This is a 4x7 . Tell me this doesn't take your breath away . 
This can't go another way - limited edition print on wood with resin

This one is just as stunning as the other . And what I love about her work is the more you look at it the more stuff you find , kinda like a treasure hunt ,lol. This a 8x4 and it is so special to me because I raise painted ladies, which she has painted beautifully here.
Through Disconnected Dreams

If you want to see more of her incredible work I posted a link to her store ! 

Ten things about me

I used to belong to this really cool writers website a few months back.The users there would sometimes write an about me list.The list could be as long as one wanted.It got me thinking that it might be fun to post one here,so here's my list.I don't know how long it will be I'm just gonna wing it!. 

1)I started out drawing and painting with watercolor pencils.I loved the control I had when using em'.I was able to apply as much or as little color as I wanted.I also loved being able to leave it as a drawing if I didn't feel like using a brush and water to bring out the watery texture. 

2)I'm really into making smoothies.I like experimenting with what some might considered odd fruit combinations. For instances this morning I had a cantaloupe,banana,orange,and strawberry smoothie! Sometimes I'll even make it with vegetables and fruit.

3)I have an unhealthy obsession with talcum powder,lol. Just kidding,but after a shower or bath I will cover myself in it!.I usually end up looking like a snowman when I'm done,lol.My favorite- Lily of the valley by caswell Massey.

4)When it comes to makeup I don't wear it often. But when I do, I like anything that sparkles. I like lipsticks in pink, gold, and red shades. 

5) My clothing style could be described as California-inspired, with a laid-back attitude. I mostly wear jeans and T-shirts.If it's chilly out I'll wear a zip down hoodie- think Roxy clothing line. I also have a thing for really colorful sneaker. 
I love Becky bones by Osiris.     
6)I love it when I find random stuff in the streets that can I can  use in my artwork.Yesterday in front of an ATM I found a pin made of clay,and it was shaped like a hippopotamus!. 

7)My favorite comfort foods are Mac and cheese/grilled cheese sandwiches  

8)I was once lucky enough to view a private collection of the late Arthur Rackham here in NYC. I was so overwhelmed by his work I cried during the exhibition. A bit embarrassing but true. 

9) I love going on house tours, especially of old Victorian houses. 

10) One day I would love to raise honeybees !   

By the way, I don't know why at the very top of the page the words came through so small!?!?!

I am

 The Empire State Building standing out above the rest of New York 
                           reminds me of a huge syringe.
          plunging itself into a cloud filled sky. 
         Windy too . Feels cooler then it really is.
    My nose runs . people .cars.whole lotta' energy!
Still pumped up full of it from dancing to LSD Sound
       System music flowing through my head phones . 
                 Waiting.Wanting. Waxing.Waning .
         American flags wave ''hello'' It's time to go.
            Still dark out. Tho'' I'm full of fear , I go
          Thus. Thou. Thee .Tweedle -dee listen to me!
                  I sing this song  for you! In the rain.
                 I dance within puddles of reflecting rain .                       
                                   City pain ...  Hundred year old carved faces 

      staring at me from the building across the street. Below a restaurant.

          A van parked out front .Hamilton Air. the color of the van ..white 
       stands out like a neon sign . more so then the neon sign right above it.
              which moves it's flashing neon lighted advertisements.
             To some this may seem like a dark and gloomy morning . 
        Matter of perception 
The rain and dark and gloom always gives me inspiration to write.draw .whatever.
           I guess things are whatever you want them to be.
           I am a madwoman 
           I am whatever you want me to be
           I am a tourist .Maybe a florist.out of the forest ,looking for the latest trend
           Searin' for that endangered species end..
           I am a raindrop 
           I am a truck stop
           I am that padlock , just waiting to be pried open..
           I'v become that rainstorm ..The one you were warned for return
           I am the master , Lock and key ..The one who has returned with a 
           message for thee 
            I am god I am a fraud 
            I AM YOU !
            I am whatever you want me to be
            I am a lie 
            A whisper and a cry
            I am the morning star in the sky 
            I am a mountain, a boulder and a shoulder to cry on
            I am a pilgrim 
            A grim reaper without the reap , only the sow
            I am the walker 
            I am a stalker ;)  with that quick draw shot that ended up shooting 
             herself in the foot now I walk with a limp ..A Time Square Pimp
            I am the woman who doesn't mind screaming out loud
            I am she - so are we - if we only we believe to be
            I am -
                All work © Avabunny 2011