Saturday, August 4, 2012

Two of the most amazing artist

I have searched high and low for the artist who's work would compliment my new Scandinavian doll house. 
I  am happy to say I have found two! The first one is Angela Petsis , and  it was her sweet dreamy deer that caught my attention  a few days ago.I have since bought the original encaustic painting  know as Dear Love . This painting is actually 4x4  so it  will fit perfectly in the girls new home 
If you guys get a chance please drop in to her shop over at Etsy
RESERVED for AVA BUNNY Original Encaustic Painting, Encaustic Art, - "Dear Love" By Angela Petsis

The next artist who's work I adore is Kendra Binney . According to Kendra's profile she was raised in a small town with no shoe stores. Most of her time was spent barefoot searching the tall grass for  spiders and snakes, and other hidden treasures.

I fell in love with Kendra's whimsical paintings immediately . I went through Her shop and marked just about everything she had as a favorite !  It was incredibly hard for me to pick just one painting , but I manged to narrow it down to two of her pieces. And I like to add most of her work is on a small scale, so it's perfect for a doll house. Here are the two I'm deciding between .
This is a 4x7 . Tell me this doesn't take your breath away . 
This can't go another way - limited edition print on wood with resin

This one is just as stunning as the other . And what I love about her work is the more you look at it the more stuff you find , kinda like a treasure hunt ,lol. This a 8x4 and it is so special to me because I raise painted ladies, which she has painted beautifully here.
Through Disconnected Dreams

If you want to see more of her incredible work I posted a link to her store ! 

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