Thursday, August 9, 2012

Leaping deer drawing

I don't know if this happens to anyone else but I will sometimes see images in things . 
This is what materialized today when I was staring at a sheet of watercolor paper . 
A deer leaping over a little girl ~_~ All images Copyright © 2012 by avabunny

As you can see not a lot of detail  been added yet because I wanted to get the drawing  on to the paper before the image disappeared. It's been know to happen at times, and trust me it blows!.  

I see these types of images all the time if I stare long enough at something. It doesn't even have to be paper!. It can be a wall , the sky , a crack on the floor, or even  a blank canvas .The only thing about this ability that blows is I have to draw the image exactly where I find it. Or else I won't be able draw it at all because the image will fade. 

For instance, if I see the image on the wall, well then that's where I have to draw it. Weird I know ! .  
Kinda makes it impossible when I'm out and I see the images on a train or in the sky,lol 

                I also found this little metal triangle piece that  has a deer shape to it, 
                                          and some brown suede at the store the other day.

                           I'm am going to cut the suede down so that it fits into the metal piece, 
                                  then I'm going to paint a little deer face on the inside of it.  
                                          I'll post pictures when I have the face painted  ~_~ 


  1. Very Cute! Hope to talk to you soon, Bunny Girl!

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  3. It's not finished at all, but thank you anyway !
    I hope to talk to you soon too :)

  4. Cool! Call me up! I should be home! I'm playing songs in my room today.

    1. I did ! twice!
      You didn't answer :(
      Left you a voice message,lol

  5. We be bloggin Super Stars, Yo!