Friday, August 3, 2012

Plastic temper tantrums

I came  home to find a box waiting for me today !.. 

 '' Look mom it has your name on it ! ''

'' Mom what do you think is inside ?!?!''
'' I think it's your sister. But I'm not sure so lets open it up and find out !''

                                           ''Mama, mama I think it's her !''
                                            '' I think so to sweetie''
                                             '' HELP I NEED AIR!!''
                                         '' MAMA QUICK PUT HER IN FRONT OF THE FAN ''
                                              ''Good thinking pink''
                            ''Hello mother, I'm back . How do you like my new look !''
                          ''Oh my , you look so pretty. But then again you were always pretty ''
                             ''Mother go fetch the Madame's I need a bath and  clean clothing !!''
                                    ''Pssst ..mama she's acting different ..''
                                         ''Yes pink she is''
                      'What took you so long I had to wait a whole minute !!''

'' You there fix my hair  !!''
               '' You clean my crown and get me something nice to wear !!''

No I don't like the color ..NEXT!''
                                 '' NEXT!''
                             '' Ahhh ...much better ''
                        '' Okay mom where  did you put our house,  I wanna go home !''
                   ''uh oh  ...mama she don't know that the house is under construction does she?
                                                              '' No pink she doesn't''  
                                                    '' Mother,where's the house?''
                                                               ''I'm renovating it ''
                                                             ''What does that mean?''
                                               '' OMG.. YOU - KILLED -THE HOUSE !''
                                            '' Calm down sweetie I didn't kill it, I'm fixing it ''
                                                      ''THERE'S NOTHING LEFT !''   

                                  '' There, there .mama didn't kill it ..she's fixing it. ''
                                                    ''No pink she killed it ''
                                         ''So are you gonna lay there all day ?''
                           ''I think you should take a nap maybe then you'll feel better ''
                                         '' I'm not tired go away''
                       All work and images © Avabunny 2012


  1. this is precious!
    i'm so glad that you love her new look!

  2. LOL Thank you Jenny, She's my little Diva now!
    I can't believe what a great job you did on her hair,and this has got to be the softest hair I've ever felt. Oh by the way,I loved the hand painted rock you sent back with her.

  3. miauuuuuu!!!I like doll-cat,is very great!!!

  4. ¡Gracias! Ella se ha personalizado de una mujer hermosa de España