Monday, August 13, 2012

Drowning and sinkin' fast

Depressed . Sad . In despair- Can't seem to shake it off -
Slowly, my mind becomes warm -
Slowly, I start to see my life slip away-

Self- absorption 
         Self -abortion 
                     (in the basement)

Pathetic sympathetic therapeutic all so predictable 
unstable fable of a story once told ...a thousands times 
over...dreamin' of clovers are we? 
dreaming of a dream once dreamt!?!? to the extent that you Begin to wonder that 1) never came down from that acid trip or 2( you're stuck in the in between bardo of becoming possible ? damn right so...the only thing that makes me think otherwise is that A)my friends and family still know me B)can still see my reflection in puddles, and windows -though while I've been dreamin' "dreamin'"in sleep in bed it's all the same damn thing - 
I'm drowning and sinkin' fast- 
 ''The lunatic is on the grass '' and  pissin' on it -
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