Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ten things about me

I used to belong to this really cool writers website a few months back.The users there would sometimes write an about me list.The list could be as long as one wanted.It got me thinking that it might be fun to post one here,so here's my list.I don't know how long it will be I'm just gonna wing it!. 

1)I started out drawing and painting with watercolor pencils.I loved the control I had when using em'.I was able to apply as much or as little color as I wanted.I also loved being able to leave it as a drawing if I didn't feel like using a brush and water to bring out the watery texture. 

2)I'm really into making smoothies.I like experimenting with what some might considered odd fruit combinations. For instances this morning I had a cantaloupe,banana,orange,and strawberry smoothie! Sometimes I'll even make it with vegetables and fruit.

3)I have an unhealthy obsession with talcum powder,lol. Just kidding,but after a shower or bath I will cover myself in it!.I usually end up looking like a snowman when I'm done,lol.My favorite- Lily of the valley by caswell Massey.

4)When it comes to makeup I don't wear it often. But when I do, I like anything that sparkles. I like lipsticks in pink, gold, and red shades. 

5) My clothing style could be described as California-inspired, with a laid-back attitude. I mostly wear jeans and T-shirts.If it's chilly out I'll wear a zip down hoodie- think Roxy clothing line. I also have a thing for really colorful sneaker. 
I love Becky bones by Osiris.     
6)I love it when I find random stuff in the streets that can I can  use in my artwork.Yesterday in front of an ATM I found a pin made of clay,and it was shaped like a hippopotamus!. 

7)My favorite comfort foods are Mac and cheese/grilled cheese sandwiches  

8)I was once lucky enough to view a private collection of the late Arthur Rackham here in NYC. I was so overwhelmed by his work I cried during the exhibition. A bit embarrassing but true. 

9) I love going on house tours, especially of old Victorian houses. 

10) One day I would love to raise honeybees !   

By the way, I don't know why at the very top of the page the words came through so small!?!?!

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