Saturday, August 4, 2012


My mind is like a composition notebook.
July 17/2011 
Dear mind I've gone mad
Everything's gone mad
Just right bloody mad
Who knows 
July 18/2011
Dear mind loosing you could be a good thing
Kinda like an old mattress without bed springs 
Kerouac once said he was more interested in the ''mad one's''
Mad talk 
Mad walk 
Mad write
Mad sing
Mad love 
Mad to be loved
Mad to save 
Mad to be saved
Mad to no longer be enslaved
Mad to be free
Naked, open, raw heart
Burn all sins 
Burn all Karma
What is left 
True self
True Dharma 
Mad crazy insanely numb
Nah far from it
The pain at times is mad itself
''All life is suffering'' -Buddha said That!
''Pretty girls dig graves'' -Jack said That!
''I'm mad about being mad''-I said That!
(Even the church bells are mad) 
All work © Avabunny 2011

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