Saturday, April 28, 2012

New drinking crazes in the United States

I really have to hand it to kids these days for finding new and inventive ways to get their buzz on.  
I was watching the news the other day and found out that kids are now getting drunk off of hand sanitizer 

You know the stuff you're suppose to clean your hands with.
Apparently this stuff has a buttload of alcohol in it 65% to be exact!

They drink it like jello shots. But what a lot of them don't realize is to much of it will give 'em alcohol poisoning and end them up in the emergency room .

I just want to know who dreams this stuff up. Like who said, ''Hey let go drink some hand sanitizer!"
I don't remember being nearly that inventive with how to get drunk or high off of cleaning products when I was a kid. 
Not to mention maybe I was a weird kid but if a bottle or what have you read ''do not drink''.. I wouldn't!!.  

There's also another drinking craze going on where people are drinking Vodka through their eye. 

They call it eyeballing,lol.and are risking going blind for a quick buzz. Again, I reiterate, who comes up with this stuff!!! * shakes head*

If there's a cure it would have to be at the CDC don't ya think?

just finished the second season of  AMC's The Walking Dead . 
This has gotta be the best freakin' show on cable. A friend was bugging me to watch this
show for months and I kept putting it off thinking is wasn't going to be my cup of tea. 
Boy I was wrong, I couldn't be more addicted to this show.

Tho I love this show is has been hard to watch at times. In the second  episode Rick goes to Atlanta to find his family..oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention he goes on horseback. When he gets there he finds out that the whole city is overrun with zombies. The zombies chase him through the streets.

When the zombies dragged the horse down and start eating it I started freaking out. I actually had to get up from my sofa and start pacing up and down the the house in order to finish watching the episode. Many a nights were spent pacing up and down my house so I could watch the show,lol. Heck, many a nights were spent jumping up everytime I heard a strange noise when I was trying to go to sleep after watching an episode. I actually just started sleeping through the night again, yay!. I'm telling you this show is freaking powerful, The images really stick with you long after the show goes off.  

One of my favorite characters in the show is Daryl. 

LOL,  ''Got lost in the woods for nine days made it home and made a fuckin' sandwich''  
He actually says that in one of the episodes.

He owns a badass motorcycle and crossbow. He also wears a jacket with big angle wings on it <3

He can hunt and track pretty much anything . Oh, and did I mention the crossbow!!,lol. 
Everything you would need in a guy if the world was over run with zombies,lol ;)

This really is a kickass show and not just because it has a bunch of zombie killing hot guys in it..tho that don't hurt none neither. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Glow in the dark bubbles

The other day a blogger on here called These Tiny Treasures put out a post on glow in the dark bubbles.Apparently you can make 'em yourself with glow sticks!.
So I decided to give it a whirl and make 'em myself. 
As soon as I got up this morning I went to Michaels arts and crafts store.
Found out that they already make a glow in the dark bubble kit.. so I bought it!.
    But I also wanted to make 'em myself from scratch, so to speak. 
                               So I bought some bubbles and glow sticks !!.

                                  Oh, and some cookies too!
Went home and started waiting for it to get Dark. After it got mostly dark out I started mixing the bubbles up! First I started with the prepackaged glow in the dark kit.      
Then got started mixing up the other one .You basically cut the glow sticks open and pour the solution in to the bottle. I used scissors to cut the glow sticks open . 
oh yeah,also very important.. point the sticks away from face when doing it.

It's sad to say I found out a little to late that that bubbles solution only makes the bubbles glow for 20mins. Yeah..budget.. I know!.Anyway, this is some pictures of the bubbles..glowing..kinda,lol
That's the best picture I was able to get of the bubbles in my bedroom with the door shut and lights off. Seems the bubble solution glows more in the bottle then when you actually try  blowing one!!.

I did go to the window and blow some out the window but it wasn't dark enough out to see to much of a glow from the bubbles
Next time I will wait till it's fully dark and use them before the 20mins runs out. it should work better for me then. 

Fun eBay finds

I was on eBay last night when I came across Blythe hair dye.
At first I thought it was to use on you're Blythe doll, but it's actually to use on yourself,lol.  Now you can have the same hair color as you're doll, lol. 

I also came across this cute little bunny called Usagie. 
PetWORKS うさぎぃ011
I want this bunny. I would love to put a dress on it or something! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Teeny- tiny voodoo head?!?!

My Dolls new hair arrived yesterday!,  It's eleven inches of super soft Alpaca hair. It's suppose to be a midnight black but after taking a good look at it in the sun, turns out it's not as black as I thought it would be. It kinda looks more like a dark brown... Still very pretty tho'.  I'm at a bit of a loss on how to clean and comb it without breaking it. I'll have to go online and checkout a how to video. 


On a side note. There's a blogger on here  that goes by the name little deer who put out a post a few weeks back about making a custom little pet shop pet. Ever since then I've wanted to make my own. So I ordered a replacement Blythe body off eBay  and a little pet shop pet too. The LPS PET showed up yesterday. 
                                           Only thing is..I ORDERED THE WRONG SIZE LPS PET! 

As You can see from the picture she's tiny.The one I should have ordered was the LPS Deco pet. I'm so ticked off because I really like this one the most.I thought about going ahead and just using her anyway to make the doll , but I don't think it would look right. It would be this super big body and a teeny-tiny head would kinda like a shrunken voodoo head doll,lol. I think What I'm going to do is go to Toys ''R'' Us and checkout the Deco pets. I'll report back how it turns out -bye =) I'm also posting a link to Amiee's  post about her LPS Deco Pet.You guys should check it out ! it's very cool 


Friday, April 6, 2012


Something amazing happened today and I just can't believe it! 

OK, I was writing in my journal and as I looked up I happened to notice this bird. Jet black, tho' way too small to be a crow. And tho it did resemble a crow it didn't caw. It made some other call that I never heard before. Then again, it could very well had been an adolescent crow? Maybe it just wasn't able to caw yet. Hmmm....I wonder if it was a raven!!!

                      Night and fog surround me A walk through the cemetery 
                         Tall stone crosses remind thee 
                            That death is no mystery
                                 As real as any reality(may) be..Copyright ©2012Avabunny

Speaking of ravens,there's a movie coming out about Edgar Allan Poe.well,actually about the stories he wrote. 
It's about a serial killer that bases his killings on Poe's writings. I'm gonna go check it out at the end of the month.   

I have also decide that I'm going to give my Blythe doll a makeover using Poe's poem the raven as inspiration. 
I'm going to reroot her hair with natural suri alpaca hair. I found the perfect color too!, it's called nighttime.
You wouldn't believe it but I had the hardest time finding a black color made out of alpaca hair. 

I will also be changing her eye color. I'm kinda torn between two colors. 
One is a custom blue set by pattyparis
Custom Blythe eye chips (set A:001)

Stunning aye? 

Now the other set is a purple gray color called fairy dust:)
Handpainted realistic eyechips for Blythe doll "Fairy Dust"

I may go with the blue, perhaps because I always wished my eye's were blue:) 

I'v also been shopping around for a dark raven type of dress. I came across this one on Etsy
BLYTHESHOPS--Little Black Dress
It's a little plain but I still think it's cute:) 

I also came across this watercolor painting by littlelulus 
Makes me really, really want to start painting with watercolors again. =)
Twelve Ravens - 5x7 print

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Think like a man?

My minds in turmoil
Scratches and scribbles 
  Mood swings
Leaving me to wonder ..
How deep I must go
Within myself
Past the waves 
To find the calm and stillness
The silences of the ocean Floor
Copyright ©2012 byAvabunny

I've been thinking alot lately about ...well ..a lot!  
To much really.To the point of where I've been making myself sick to my stomach.Just about everyday I get up and set to work on creating something new to sell in my store. And yet, I hardly ever sell anything!!. Starting to wonder why do I even bother anymore.I feel like I've done all that I can to make the business work and feel as though I'm still floundering! I was told by some that the pictures of the jewelry weren't clear.So I took new pictures. I was told that my descriptions of the pieces weren't informative enough.So I rewrote a more accurate description of the items.Lastly,I was told that my prices were to high. But I really can't help or change the prices on the one's I already have for sale.

I have recently started making pieces in a lower price range and am happy to say they will be available at the end of this month. I really am working hard to accommodate everyone.I'm also thinking of starting a men's line of jewelry.Making a men's line will be a challenge because most, if not all of my jewelry is whimsical. So, I think if i'm going to do a men's line, I'll have to change my mind set a bit,Start thinking more like a man,lol.