Friday, April 6, 2012


Something amazing happened today and I just can't believe it! 

OK, I was writing in my journal and as I looked up I happened to notice this bird. Jet black, tho' way too small to be a crow. And tho it did resemble a crow it didn't caw. It made some other call that I never heard before. Then again, it could very well had been an adolescent crow? Maybe it just wasn't able to caw yet. Hmmm....I wonder if it was a raven!!!

                      Night and fog surround me A walk through the cemetery 
                         Tall stone crosses remind thee 
                            That death is no mystery
                                 As real as any reality(may) be..Copyright ©2012Avabunny

Speaking of ravens,there's a movie coming out about Edgar Allan Poe.well,actually about the stories he wrote. 
It's about a serial killer that bases his killings on Poe's writings. I'm gonna go check it out at the end of the month.   

I have also decide that I'm going to give my Blythe doll a makeover using Poe's poem the raven as inspiration. 
I'm going to reroot her hair with natural suri alpaca hair. I found the perfect color too!, it's called nighttime.
You wouldn't believe it but I had the hardest time finding a black color made out of alpaca hair. 

I will also be changing her eye color. I'm kinda torn between two colors. 
One is a custom blue set by pattyparis
Custom Blythe eye chips (set A:001)

Stunning aye? 

Now the other set is a purple gray color called fairy dust:)
Handpainted realistic eyechips for Blythe doll "Fairy Dust"

I may go with the blue, perhaps because I always wished my eye's were blue:) 

I'v also been shopping around for a dark raven type of dress. I came across this one on Etsy
BLYTHESHOPS--Little Black Dress
It's a little plain but I still think it's cute:) 

I also came across this watercolor painting by littlelulus 
Makes me really, really want to start painting with watercolors again. =)
Twelve Ravens - 5x7 print

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