Saturday, April 28, 2012

New drinking crazes in the United States

I really have to hand it to kids these days for finding new and inventive ways to get their buzz on.  
I was watching the news the other day and found out that kids are now getting drunk off of hand sanitizer 

You know the stuff you're suppose to clean your hands with.
Apparently this stuff has a buttload of alcohol in it 65% to be exact!

They drink it like jello shots. But what a lot of them don't realize is to much of it will give 'em alcohol poisoning and end them up in the emergency room .

I just want to know who dreams this stuff up. Like who said, ''Hey let go drink some hand sanitizer!"
I don't remember being nearly that inventive with how to get drunk or high off of cleaning products when I was a kid. 
Not to mention maybe I was a weird kid but if a bottle or what have you read ''do not drink''.. I wouldn't!!.  

There's also another drinking craze going on where people are drinking Vodka through their eye. 

They call it eyeballing,lol.and are risking going blind for a quick buzz. Again, I reiterate, who comes up with this stuff!!! * shakes head*


  1. Oh wow. Who'd have thought. Hand sanitizer? :O (This is pepperonipizza from Etsy, by the way. I couldn't help but comment!)

  2. Iknorite, these kids today are bugging,thanks for dropping over :)