Saturday, April 28, 2012

If there's a cure it would have to be at the CDC don't ya think?

just finished the second season of  AMC's The Walking Dead . 
This has gotta be the best freakin' show on cable. A friend was bugging me to watch this
show for months and I kept putting it off thinking is wasn't going to be my cup of tea. 
Boy I was wrong, I couldn't be more addicted to this show.

Tho I love this show is has been hard to watch at times. In the second  episode Rick goes to Atlanta to find his family..oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention he goes on horseback. When he gets there he finds out that the whole city is overrun with zombies. The zombies chase him through the streets.

When the zombies dragged the horse down and start eating it I started freaking out. I actually had to get up from my sofa and start pacing up and down the the house in order to finish watching the episode. Many a nights were spent pacing up and down my house so I could watch the show,lol. Heck, many a nights were spent jumping up everytime I heard a strange noise when I was trying to go to sleep after watching an episode. I actually just started sleeping through the night again, yay!. I'm telling you this show is freaking powerful, The images really stick with you long after the show goes off.  

One of my favorite characters in the show is Daryl. 

LOL,  ''Got lost in the woods for nine days made it home and made a fuckin' sandwich''  
He actually says that in one of the episodes.

He owns a badass motorcycle and crossbow. He also wears a jacket with big angle wings on it <3

He can hunt and track pretty much anything . Oh, and did I mention the crossbow!!,lol. 
Everything you would need in a guy if the world was over run with zombies,lol ;)

This really is a kickass show and not just because it has a bunch of zombie killing hot guys in it..tho that don't hurt none neither. 

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