Thursday, April 5, 2012

Think like a man?

My minds in turmoil
Scratches and scribbles 
  Mood swings
Leaving me to wonder ..
How deep I must go
Within myself
Past the waves 
To find the calm and stillness
The silences of the ocean Floor
Copyright ©2012 byAvabunny

I've been thinking alot lately about ...well ..a lot!  
To much really.To the point of where I've been making myself sick to my stomach.Just about everyday I get up and set to work on creating something new to sell in my store. And yet, I hardly ever sell anything!!. Starting to wonder why do I even bother anymore.I feel like I've done all that I can to make the business work and feel as though I'm still floundering! I was told by some that the pictures of the jewelry weren't clear.So I took new pictures. I was told that my descriptions of the pieces weren't informative enough.So I rewrote a more accurate description of the items.Lastly,I was told that my prices were to high. But I really can't help or change the prices on the one's I already have for sale.

I have recently started making pieces in a lower price range and am happy to say they will be available at the end of this month. I really am working hard to accommodate everyone.I'm also thinking of starting a men's line of jewelry.Making a men's line will be a challenge because most, if not all of my jewelry is whimsical. So, I think if i'm going to do a men's line, I'll have to change my mind set a bit,Start thinking more like a man,lol.

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