Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pink has been customized with her new cat face and cotton candy pink hair

About a month ago I shipped Pink off to Portugal to have her rerooted. I found the most amazing woman to do it over at Etsy . Her name is Sandra Efigenio, and she did the most incredible job.

She also did some work on her face. I can't believe the how amazing she now looks.
                                            ~~~~~~  Here are some pictures   ~~~~~~~                            

                                                   This is pink before the makeover 


This is pink after the makeover

                                           L@@k at the long pink lashes and whiskers !!

                                                    Such long hair, and so soft too! 
                   Oh  By the way, I had the dress custom made for her by Amiee over @t little deer 
                     The only thing left to do is find her a pair of kitty cat ears ^-^
                         Thank you Sandra for remaking pink over
She is now a whole new doll !!
I can't say enough about how much I love her new face <3

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