Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bear Domination And Everything Inbetween

I have been working on my doll clothing line for months, and just when  I  think I might have a chance to finish it,  I come up with a new idea!.

My clothing line will consist of a few key elements. Romance,whimsy, and fairy tale-ish designs. 
                        Yesterday I created a bear coat for Blythe using a real mini teddy bear! 

I really am happy with how this is turning out so far. 
I am posting a link to my facebook for anyone interested in seeing how this was made

After creating this jacket, I came across an actual clothing designer who makes larger than life creations for adult people out of a teddy bears.
Her blog can be found here


                                              I really wish I had a bear stole just like that! 
I really want to make more teddy bear related items for Blythe using real mini teddy bears. 
                                   I also made an upcycled teddy bear space outfit.

                 I also have  a few dresses that will be appearing in my upcycled collection as well.
                                        These are all hand painted ,sewed and dyed. 
                              I still need to finish them up but I like to let everyone get a peek

                                           I am also making about five upcycled coats

There a a few more that I don't have displayed here that will be ready soon.All of these one's above  are all still a work in progress.

            I also have a few necklaces I made for Blythe that are available right now in my shop!


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