Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Plastics

Recently someone posted in Doll Talk on Facebook asking how people who have started a business making dolls and doll clothing like the experience. If they made any new friends or noticed people treat them differently..ect.

Lots of people post that they have had a blast and love all their new friends, and so on.  I have to say for me this whole Blythe doll thing has been more disappointing and odd then anything else. I liked this hobby more before I had an art page on Facebook, and joined countless groups. Up until now I kept quite thinking if I posted negative post it would hurt my sales in my shop or reflect poorly on my art page, but you know what, I really don't care anymore!

Everything about being in the hobby has pretty much sucked since day one. I actually stumbled upon Blythe dolls when I was reading an art book about big eyed artwork. Inside the book were paintings mostly based on these Blythe dolls. Being a self -taught artist I thought maybe if I buy one of these dolls I could used them as a muse to help me with my paintings!?!?.  So I went online and looked for one to buy. Back then there wasn't much of a selection like there is now. Very few custom dolls and even fewer done well for an affordable amount. Anyway, I found one and bought her. I got the doll in person and wasn't really impressed. Not because the doll wasn't done well , Just couldn't understand what the big deal was about these dolls in general.  So, I put the doll in my closet and their it sat for at least a year.

A year later I revisited the doll and actually decided she need a new outfit. I went on Etsy and typed in Blythe dolls in the search bar. OMG so much stuffed popped up! I was floored. These dolls had clothing options I could only dream of. I got excited and started ordering stuff. I found some designers I really like and noticed they has Flickr accounts , so I followed them over to Flickr and opened an account really just so I could see what they were making . At some point I decided to try and find the person who made my doll . All I had to go on was their name.  I was surprised I  actually found them on Flickr, and so I commented that I had their doll and thought she was great. I expected them to be happy and comment back. Instead they deleted the dolls picture my and my comment.
I was confused Why did they not want people to know I had the doll. Later that person got rid of their account. Even more odd to me? Whatever I thought.

There was only a few people I liked to buy from back then . One was a brilliant designer that people seemed to really like. They often would contact me to buy stuff when their sales were down. I did mostly. I had even went out and bought them a bunch of supplies , not that they asked me to,
I just did it to be nice. They were over the moon and couldn't wait to get the package. I asked them if maybe they could use some of the stuff and make me something with the leftovers. They agreed. Two weeks or so go by I never hear back from them . I asked them did they get the package they said yes a week  ago but were busy and forgot to tell me. but I had seen them online talking to others and they didn't look that busy.  That was two years ago or so,and by the way,I never got any outfit made from leftovers as they said I would.  :(

I then decided to start making my own dolls and doll fashions. I had someone contact me about an item I made.  They wanted to do a layaway. But they didn't have any money to put down for the layaway . They asked would I reserve the item for a month and promised they would  come back and buy it. It was a very expensive item. I actually like the the person from the email talks we had and got a good vibe from them so said sure why not. A  month goes by they don't come back. I sent them an email they told me they were having lots of personal problems but assured me they would be back in two weeks to pay. I had their word.  Two weeks go by nothing. I contacted them and told them I was taking the item off reserve and would not being doing layaway for the item anymore. They went and opened another account to buy the item .They contact me under new account to ask about layaway . I could tell by the manner they spoke in the email it was the same person. This person had a very vibrant way of talking . very uplifting. So I knew it was them . I played along and pretend not to know and said I wouldn't do layaway for item. They went away for sometime and came back and bought the item straight out . I was happy they finally got the item .

 I know some might ask why did I not get mad or yell at them for wasting my time. I think it was because I understand that these are doll items and people in real world have real  problems and sometimes those problems come before doll crap.  I've had problems paying sometimes and people were not nice about it. one person actually played head games with me because of it. I reserved something and yes they held it for a while.

 I contacted them and told them I couldn't buy the item but when I got my stuff together I would come back and buy it if it was ok. They seemed fine with it.
A month or so goes by and I got my money straight and went back to buy it . I emailed them and asked to buy it . They said '' NO it's not gonna happen '' So I emailed them back and asked why . They said ''why what? '' I asked why I couldn't buy the item and they said  '' oh no it's for sale.''

 I said ''can I buy it,can you relist it so i can buy it'' they said ''ok''

 I waited nothing  got relisted. I asked again  ''can I please buy it I have money I came back to get it. ''

They said '' no''

 I asked why again. this game went back and fourth for a few more times finally I realized they were jerking me back and fourth and left it alone.  I think that's why I didn't make a big deal with the person who created a fake account to buy the item they had reserved for so long without paying.

I think I'm very jaded by the whole Blythe dealings. To many people acting flaky. I never claimed to be an angle but I don't understand why if there isn't drama why some act up anyway. I was friends with someone on etsy and we would write each other almost everyday. I they even gave me free gifts. One day out of the blue emails stop. They don't reply anymore . some time goes by they close their shop. never hear from them again. some time goes by they reopen a new shop ? don't know why they stopped talking to me. we never had any fight. just odd.

Another person does something like that a year ago. I was online friends with this person . mind you they are VERY well know. I give them gifts they give me gifts. I asked them to make me something . A custom item . They tell me they would after they return from a vacation. . I wait .. they return . I'm happy they came back I send them long email. I wait , no reply. I send second email. no reply . I send two more . I ask if they are still going to make the item. They never talk to me again. I never had bad blood with this person. I never owed them money . Nothing!!! I  just don't get it. Why people act shady.

And there are so many more I could go on about . I see why people leave this hobby , too many shady people in it. Not worth all the drama.

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