Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Act one

Ring , ring! ,

Aussie - ''Hello''  *Voice sounds shaky

 Pretty girl Veronica  ~ ''Hello Aussie, ummm is there something wrong ?''

Aussie-  * Starts to cry*  ''Yep, lola and i broke up.''

''Omg what happened? ''

 ''I'm not really sure'' 

Beep, beep-

''Ummm,Veronica can i call you back i have another call ''

'' Sure thing ''



Plain old Lola ~ ''Baby I'm sorry'' 

''I'm sorry too baby, guess i'm just a bad boyfriend''  *Insert sad face here*

''No baby, I love you . I just want you to stop going behind my back ''

''Oh baby, baby  you're such a nice girl, i will. I don't wanna hurt you''

Beep, beep!

'' Oh baby pudding pop, my mom has a call can i call you back ?''

''Of course''  * Said in a sweet little girl voice*  ''I love you baby''

*Said quickly*  '' love you too bye''



Pretty girl 2 Brittany ~ Hello My little Aussie bear, I've missed you ! wanna hangout today ? 

Ummmm... YES ! Just give me a few mins to get ready and i'll be right over !!

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