Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A silhouette of the BIG BAD wolf.

Yep back to little red again,lol.                                                    All work and images © Avabunny 2012

Okay, I have made a big decision regarding the necklace I'm working on. Because I can't choose which little portrait to go with for the cameo, I have decided to take all the little portraits and cut them out kinda like paper dolls and hang em off the necklace.  

I believe they will be sturdy enough to do this because they were all painted on little canvas sheets. 
This is my latest one,It's a silhouette of the wolf.

I have to give him a few more teeth up top, but other then that I like him.I made the teeth a little bit thicker then I normally would have because when I cut them out I don't want them to end up being to slender. Tho when I cut em out I will  shape them into more of point 

I also wanted to show you guys some little charms I will be using in the necklace

When all of these little portraits dry I will flip em over and paint the backs with a mixture of Indigo and Ivory black. . I want them to look as though they were pulled from a burning fire. 
I may even burn em a little ..I dunno tho. 

On a side note: I was also messing around and drew a butterfly made out of flowers. it's far from done.                                                                 Yeah I known it's silly*~*


  1. It is all beautiful Quiet One

  2. Thank you, I'm going to paint the butterfly in with oils..hmmm..maybe watercolors...don't know yet.