Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I got the paper goods;)

I'm working on a clothing line for Blythe dolls.The concept is a little off the wall tho'.
So far I've made the Headband. It's made completely out of paper..yup...paper:) 
Here's a little peek~  All work © Avabunny 2011

The dress it still being worked on. I showed this paper headband to a few friends,one of 'em laughed and said I have far to much time on my hands.I probably do,lol. But let me tell you guys this was a pain in butt to make. This is just one in many paper headbands I'm going to make. The next one will have a titanic theme;)

I also took some pictures from around my house today. 
                   Here's some of my jewelry supplies.

I know it's a lot! It's not even half of what I own. I have so much more packed away in bags and boxes. I  guess you could say if I have a passion for something I stock up!.And well..I  love making Jewelry<3

I also came into a boatload of coffee.Compliments of a good friend  Wanna see ?!?!,lol

Wanna know the kicker.. I really only like Tasters Choice,lol.But This coffee was free and is actually pretty good. Later <3

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