Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Blue the elephant lived in the zoo.
She remembers being there even before she was two.
Her mother lived in the same cage and was always around
Her mother was there when blue first walked around.
For many years together they lived in that zoo
Then one day blues mother died and she did
not know what to do. 
The men came and took her mother away
and blue would not smile after that day. 
She was eating her lunch, some hay on the floor
when the zebra adressed her. he lived right next door.
I see you dont smile so much anymore.
Blue just turned her back to the door. 
He continued on without missing a beat.
I would love not to yell in this hot heat.
So blue turned back and waved her ears all around
The zebra said a smile is a frown upside down.
You should try it as quick as you could
You should try quickly it may make you feel good.
Blue said I'm said cause my moms not around
the zebra said would she like that big frown.
She would want see you to be happy
Not see you all sad. You should try what i say it might not be bad.
Now blue was always the literal sort.
And with her trunk she started to snort. 
My mom would not like to see this big frown
so let me try right here to turn it upside down.
Now another might have tried to just smile but instead
Blue decided to stand on her head.
She started it right her feet firm on the ground.
Then the back legs they lifted 3 feet off the ground.
she could not quite balance and over she fell
But she would not quite as everyone can tell.
The head is too round she said in a funk,
then said "hey why i don't i stand on my trunk."
Even though her ideas were all bad
Blue was determined to no longer feel  sad.
So firmly she planted her trunk on the ground,
and that's just when oddly a crowd came around.
They gaped at her boldly as slowly rose
and raised 15 feet on the tip of her nose.
Blue was happy cause she had won this big fight.
she was happy for the first time tonight.
That's when a man who ran a circus in town.
Was out in the zoo taking his son around.
He saw blue standing on her trunk and he said
"The zoo keepers office" and that's where he sped.
He donated a generous amount to the zoo
They gave him free passes some popcorn oh and blue too..
She now performs her feat on the circus's stage
Her picture on t-shirts and her toys all the rage.
She has not felt sad since that day in the zoo
and all to the zebra that she owes it all too.Copyright ©2012 by Avabunny

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