Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pinkness overload

My little pink goddess just arrived yesterday. 
She made the trip all the way from New Zealand to the United States without one hair on her pretty little head getting damaged. 

                      Oh, I almost forgot to mention, she came with a few free pieces of clothing 

                          Still need to have her hair re-rooted. I think I'll attempt it myself .
                    I was looking at this lovely cotton candy pink colored Mohair hair online 
Combed Kid Mohair Doll Locks 1.5 oz 7-9 inches Pretty Pink

I want her to have big poofy hair. not that I don't like her hair. I just don't like how thin it is. 
I will also have to add more to her face -Makeup wise. I want to give her long lashes and sparkle eyes. And while I'm at it I need to come up with a name for her.I think it will  be a fun summer <3


  1. .....I think it will be a fun summer <3

    Just remember fun summers begin with drinks made out of bugs!

  2. yo where you at 2 days into the new month and no new blogs...hope these butterflies didn't eat you and the dolls

    1. Haha, No need to worry Mr.Maclaughlin just been a bit busy.