Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I should have been a great many things

The rains a comin'
       Dark , dark clouds hover above me
             winds pickin' up power~by the moment, 
                             by the hour ....

Ah Nature ..as delicate as a flower
      As powerful and full of ol' storms that could kill us all~
                      No remorse or regret needed
                       For that is the way of nature and the Great Mother 
                              All I can do now is eat my sandwich and wait for the rain to come ~ 
                                                   I fall 
                                               back in to my book ..             Copyright ©2012 Avabunny             
Little women by Louisa May Alcott I mean. Great book that was made into an even greater movie. 
A particular quot from the movie I've always loved is when Jo is in a room with a bunch of men and they are all talking about whether or not women should have the right to vote. One of the men thinks woman should have the right to vote because they are good creatures. Jo jumps in and says ''I find  it poor logic to say because woman are good so they should have the right to vote. Men vote because they are male and women should vote not because the are angles and men are animals but  because we are human beings, and a citizens of this country" The mayor then replies back '' You should have been a lawyer Ms. March!'' Jo then says ''I should have been a grate many things Mr. mayor''  
It got me thinking about all the things I'd wanted to be at one point in my life.

1~ A toy tester ( for kids toys, not sex toys)  Just thought I'd make that clear. 
2~ Toy creator 
3~ Cosmetic / perfume chemist 
4~ Maybe own a farm and rise llamas and Alpacas 
5~ Cirque Du Soleil  performer
6~ A Beekeeper 
7~ I 'd like to work for Ben and Jerry's inventing new Ice cream flavors ..yum:)
8~ A Botanist (That's a person who studies flowers) tho' I would more then likely like to be the person who invents new kinds of flowers . 
9~Coffee taster
10~ Puppeteer 
11~ Chocolatier
12~ Scuba diver in Hawaii 
13~Professional doll maker
14~Fashion stylist
17~Makeup Artist ( the kind that does special effects)
18~ Circus performer ( maybe the person who trains the elephants or a clown) 
19~ Lego sculpture
20~Paid blogger ;)


  1. You will make a great toy tester and toy creator, definitely.

  2. I would take any of these jobs. But definitely those two are top of the list! I'm also learning how to make my own perfume from scratch ! we'll see how that goes.