Monday, May 14, 2012

Bad kitty

I did it!. I finally bought another doll !
A  few weeks back there was a custom blybe/basaak cat on eBay. Yep this one !
 Anyway I didn't get her :( But  I was able to contact the nice young lady who made the first one, 
and I asked her to do one for me. And she did, and better yet she finished it on Saturday !.

I just love the fact the customizing was done so I can add to it.
  Even tho she has pink hair I plan on having her rerooted with either pink Alpaca or mohair. 
   Yes I want her to have big poofy cotton candy hair,lol. 
I also would like to give her little fangs like this one here.

I'm so excited to be getting her because she kinda reminds me of Cleo from the Heathcliff show

Well to me she does,lol

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