Monday, May 7, 2012

Floating Fairy House

Awhile back I talked about making floating Fairy Houses, Well  I'm almost finished with one! .

It' a bit of a time consumings process you see. You basically take a balloon and rub it down with Vaseline. Then you start wrapping the Vaseline covered balloon with yarn that was soaked in fabric stiffener, and you can also add glitter like I did.  

After you have wrapped the balloon completely you let it dry out for a day or so.

Once dry you can pop the balloon and pull it out and  go to work designing your fairy house. 
This is how mine looks so far.

As you can see in the pictures once mine dried I cut a large hole in the middle added white cotton fluff to make a floor . I added little birds a top and dangled chains and sparkle piece off the bottom. I also wanted to furnish the inside of the house with little people stuff, so I ordered an amazing bed off  Etsy. 
                                                   It arrived a few weeks ago. 

It may not look like it but it's still pretty roomie inside. I'm going to try and make a small table and chair for the house. I was even thinking of adding on to the house with another room . This house is big enough to hold a petite Blythe doll :) Once I make a few more of these houses I'm going to start adding big bay windows and all kinds of stuff. This was my first attempt !
 All work and images © Avabunny 2012

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