Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wish I were a vampire or a celebrity !

Have you guys heard of the newest way celebs are making money. 
There's a website called Dial a star. 

For fifty bucks up front and anywhere from like ten to twenty bucks per minute. Depending on which star you wanna speak to.You can chit chat away until your taking out a second mortgage on you're house,lol.
I went to the website today to look around and I must admit, I really don't know most of the ''celebs'' there. 
I just wonder who would pay such an obnoxious amount of money to speak to..well.. ANYBODY!  
It reminded me of the fad a few years back where people were buying the most expensive burger in NYC. 
It was reportedly dusted with gold!!?!?..yeah, I know, I would rather just have a Big Mac myself.
 *shakes head and walks away* 


  1. This sounds like a scam.. 50 bucks?? yeah right!
    Love your blog btw!

    Bubble my Licorice

  2. Thank you Bubble My Licorice:)

    LoL,Yeah BML I thought it sounded kinda crazy myself which is why I had to go there and check it out.Now as alluring as talking to Michael Lohan or Nadya Suleman may be ..I think I'll pass,lol.