Tuesday, March 6, 2012

One Fluffy cat, A Blythe doll, and some green ribbon..Oh my!

This morning I logged into my Facebook account for the first time in a week .
I was just appalled by what I saw. Sometime between this morning and a week ago Facebook allowed ads to... TAKE OVER!!  So now, my Ava's Elements facebook page that I created to promote''my business!'' Now looks like freakin' Time square. I'm serious!!, these ads are all over my Facebook page, reminding me of the billboards in Time sq. It's irritating because I don't want them there,but there's no flipping way to remove them..ugh.

Anyway, on the brightside, I got a confirmation email from Spring Hill nursery this morning letting me know my plants are being shipped out this week...yay!! 

I also got an email from this lovely woman molly pepper over at Etsy, she has a store there where she sells vintage items.   http://www.etsy.com/shop/YogaBeeVintage?ref=pr_shop_more

Well, truth be know, I just love vintage toys,especially circus related ones . 
So when I saw she was selling a vintage fisher price circus set for thirty five bucks, I bought it.  
 I'm posting  two pictures  so you can see how cool it looks 

So anyway , She sent me an email letting me know she has shipped the circus set out !!!! 
My little Blythe doll Emily is very excited by the news! 
                   She has been asking me for some new toys for a while now,lol. 

 By the way,I took some better pictures of my carousel necklace. Remember The one I posted a picture of yesterday that had a bent looking charm ? yeah well, I took new ones' ..
                                                             Here's the first one 

             You can really see the colors much better now right? 
                     The picture from yesterday didn't show the colors at all!!                             
                                                           here's a few more pictures 

I just wanted you guys to see a few ''good'' pictures of this necklace because I had worked really hard on it when I was making it. I choose bright spring colors. I had really loved how the big bow in the back turned out . I had bought some bright spring green ribbon and hand stitched it to the sliver linked chain. This necklace still looks great after so many years *pats self on the back*  ..lol

I didn't get a chance to take as many pictures of the grounds outside the house as I had hoped. It was pretty chilly out today. I think tomorrow will be better for me to wonder the grounds. I did however get a cute picture of a cat that was wondering around watching me. 
  It was  a  fluffy pretty kitty .....purrrrr ..lol..more burrrr 'cause it was so cold out !!

Well, I'm gonna go for now guy, I leave you with visions of green ribbon and fluffy cats,lol


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