Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Hey guys what's up !  I've been kinda MIA  since the weather here has been freaking gorgeous!!  Today  I had to go to Manhattan to run some errands because I live near nothing !!  On my way out the door I almost got attacked by a snake... I'm not kidding. 
                                                      Here's a picture I took of it . 

I've decided to call It Fangoria. I didn't see Fangoria at first because of it's gray color.  I have a gray cobblestone walkway that leads up to my house and as you can see Fangoria blends in with it. I didn't notice it until it started hissing and jumping at my foot.Since seeing it this morning I'm afraid to walk around the property . I'm not use to seeing all the wildlife I've been coming into contact with.Why just a few months back there was a huge owl in back of the house. Though I love owls..seeing this one up close freaked me out! What can I say..I'm a city girl =) Anyway, once I got to Manhattan I was bombarded by know the stuff  I'm accustom to, lol.  I boarded the bus and started reading one of the free newspapers I picked up. There was an article about how some bigwig officials were going to try and use homeless people as walking WI-FI hotspots.  
They basically wanted to give homeless people T-shirts that say  ''I'm  a 4G hotspot'' and have them stand around all day in hopes that people would stop to asked them for hotspot access codes. Oh yeah, and give the homeless like a two dollar donation for their walking WI-FI zone.  Seriously!!.. the stuff that goes on in this country is ridiculous! I also heard on the news the other day that stores over here may have to start locking up the Tide laundry detergent. Why !?!? .. Because thieves are stealing it to sell on the black market. The stuff people think up to steal * shakes head* 

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