Monday, March 5, 2012

About me

                                                                   ~ Hello~
 I'm Ava bunny :)
  To start off with I'm an Artist  who's love of making all things whimsical started with me drawing fairies for fun while I was attending classes to become an EMT. I soon found out I couldn't take the sight of  blood and needed to find another career path. As I continued to try and find another career my love for fairies was never far from my mind. The fairies soon started showing up in paintings I was showcasing at local coffee houses.Around 2009 I ended up landing wall space at the Ward Nasse Gallery.It was around that time I came across my first jewelry magazine while looking for a canvas in Michael's arts and crafts.The magazine was called Bead Unique. And inside the mag was an ad for the prettiest animal charms by Burgard studio. I posted a link in case anyone wants to check them out. It was then  my love affair with making jewelry began. I ordered the little charms and set to work making my first necklace. Inspired by the Bryant park carousel here in new york and one of my favorite jewelry designers Betsey Johnson  
                                                 I came up with this necklace down here. 
.If anyone would like to see more of my creation you can checkout my shop on Etsy

Most recently I moved into an old Victorian house that has an enormous plot of undeveloped land surrounding it.Yesterday I started clearing away the weeds for a butterfly garden I'm making for spring. Among the weeds and trees was the most amazing tree house.I posted a picture of it.

I'm going to start restoring the little treehouse by April. I think the inside of the treehouse would be great for  raising  my butterflies. I have been raising them myself now for a few years. Each year I order them online and they are shipped out as Larva. I keep them with me while go through their four stages then I set them free to fly away.I'm hoping this year that they will stay behind in my new butterfly garden. 
I've pre-ordered some of the plants for the garden

One Lavender  Twist Weeping Willow 

Twenty five  Fragrant Freesia Blend

Six Lily of the Valley

One  Top Hat Blueberry plant

Five Mixed Columbines -better know as a Butterfly Magnet :)

Sixteen Gladiolus -which are also great for attracting butterflies or in my case keeping them around ;) 

 I will have to order many more plant by no later then the end of this month.
  I will start ordering the butterflies by that time too! 

I'm going to go for now but will post some new pictures tomorrow of my progress on my butterfly garden 


  1. Wow quiet one, this is wonderful, thank you for inviting me to see this side of you

  2. It's cool, I'm just glad you stopped over :)