Thursday, December 10, 2015

The mind wobbles

Price gouging is no stranger in the Blythe community, or in the world for that matter. But I'm still surprised

I remember the blackout of 2003, it happened two years after the the September 11 attacks. So everyone was already rattled. To make it worse only a few days in to the blackout and people were already losing theirs minds and price gouging. Pizzerias were charging 25-30$ for a 15$ pizza pie,and gas stations were in on this shameful act as well. And I'm well aware of vintage toys being sold for ridiculous amount of prices because they are no longer available. And well, they are vintage!  But what I don't understand is why I recently seen Blythe doll outfits that were sold anywhere from 45-75$ by the designer, now going for 400$ by others.

There's a few things that disturb me about this.  Did in fact the item actually sell on eBay for 400$ -
I mean maybe the doll outfit got bid up to 400$ by some people messing around just to see how ridiculously high they could get others to go. But did whoever bid 400$ actually pay for the item.
 Or are all these other people running around saying they want 350-400$ for this 65$ doll outfit because same outfit sold on eBay for such and such amount .Are speaking about something they are not even 100% sure of.

Or is it a scam or shill bidding. Maybe some people got together decide to pretend it got bid up that high by placing fake bids on the item.  I don't know what to believe, but my brain refuses to allow me to think anyone in their right mind would pay that much for a doll outfit..sorry, I just can't!

I have often wondered  how many eBay sales of that caliber were actually legit.  I mean how does something go from a 1$ to 20$ with no bids inbetween . Who does that!?!?!?. If  I'm going to bid on something and it already has a bid on it say for 5$ I'm not going to make my bid for 30$ or more,
 I'm going to bid 5.50 $ like most normal people. When I see stuff like that I don't even bother to bid  because it looks shady.

 I have also heard of people complaining about over priced dolls. And even that I can somewhat justify because dolls can be seen as artwork. On some level. I can even see well thought out and original one of a kind doll outfits going for a decent amount of money. And the key word is decent, not ridiculous amounts of money!

And yes I understand that what some might consider decent amount others might see as overcharging as well. I don't speak for everyone just myself, and I haven't seen ANY doll outfit worth 400$ or more. NOT ONE!   It would have to be made by real elves- in front of me!.. because I would need to
actually see said elves making the outfit

And it would have to be stitched with magical thread made of real gold .
                                                               Anyway ,
                                                                                until then ...
                                                             back to reality
                                                                                time to eat, 
                                                              finish my coffee,
                                                                                and begin my confessions 


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