Friday, December 11, 2015

Teddy bears and dollhouses

I have been looking everywhere for the perfect teddy bear to live in my dolls dollhouse . I have been making this dollhouse for years and have spent countless hours deciding on wallpaper and furniture..ect.

              Today I looked in Cindy Sowers shop on Etsy and there he was! Perfect bear.
            I waited too long and someone else grabbed him, I could just die. I'm so heartbroken
I was concerned about the size cause I really wanted one just like him only around 4in or four and half inches. My friend said he wasn't meant for me. My mother use to say the same thing when I was little. She would say if it had been meant for you you'd get it. I can't believe I missed him,

I recently went on eBay and got a teddy bear making patterns on how to make teddy bears. I still don't think I could have made one as amazing as that one.

                      My friend knows a lovely lady who makes teddy bears as well.

                     I'm also trying to pick out the final wallpaper for the dollhouse.
                           I had to resize it and at some point will have to have it  printed
                      It would go in the bedroom upstairs. Well, back to teddy bear hunting !!

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