Thursday, February 14, 2013

There was a time, not too far down the road.
When valentines day was saved by a toad.
A toad as unremarkable as any toad could be
when out for a walk came upon cupid under a tree.
The boy kinda looked ill he did not look very good.
So stopping to see if he needed help the toad felt he should.
"are you okay? do you need any aid?"
The boy just looked up looking very dismayed.
"I've done a bad thing, That's why I'm looking so down.'
The boy responded to the toad with a sad frown.
Today is my first time of doing this task.
I bring love to those that are too shy to ask,
But i ate too much candy and now my belly hurts so 
darn much, I could never fly around and deliver love and
The tad looked dismayed ,didn't know just what to say,
He was about to say good luck and just walk away.
Then cupid looked up an asked our toad in a voice 
oh so sincere.
"could you help me out with valentines day this year?
"I'll give you my bow , my arrows and wings.
and you find reluctant couples and give them some
of my arrows stings.
It would be so great if you would agree to this chore,
otherwise this day love will be no more."
The toad didn't think he was up to the task, but it
must have taken cupid great nerve just to ask.
He hemmed and he hawed and he shuffled his feet
then told our dear cupid this task he would meet.
He put on the wings and slung the boys bow,
He picked up the arrows and in the quiver he did stow.
The boy just sat there looking quite ill.
And the toad tried to take flight but was on the ground still.
He jumped in the air once twice than on three,
He took to the air  and sailed over the boy by the tree,
He stung lots of couples that were having a fight.
he stung lots of couples and made there love shine so bright.
When finally the day was over and the job was well done.
He returned to the boy by the tree under the setting sun.
He was looking much better no longer ill.
He seemed actually perky which is much better still.
He took back the bow the arrows and wings.
He brushed off the dust from his pants shoes and things.
Thank you sooo much dear toad your help was too kind,
This day is a day ill always keep in my mind.
This is the day that loved was saved by a toad that was so kind.
He then nodded to the toad and just flew away and the toad
felt very special this valentines day.

Hope you like it. My gift too you

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