Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The tick of time has returned -
My watch and the church bells tell me 
That I must go 
Away from this stillness
Into the hectic rat race craziness 
of the morning commute 
off downtown 
To meet my friend 
True pagan in his own right
Back into the metropolis I go
I'd rather sit here and continue soaking 
Tho' at least tis for a good cause 
So pause, breath 
An' bring along thine wisdom sword .
It all comes from the heart 
Mine and thine
No thinking involved
Not consciously 
For when the mind comes into play 
You become lost and led astray 
All the Blah- blah-blah-in the brain 
Only adds to the suffering noise and pain 
Tap thine third eye 
And all becomes clear 
Yet you must go deep,deep within 
thine heart to find somethin' 
Pebble be dropped 
The ripples do the rest 

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