Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Scandinavian doll house update!

After going bike riding today, I went home and decided it was time to get back to finishing up the dollhouse so the girls can finally move in.  I bought this awesome Silver Chrome spray paint by KRYLON . I have been in love with all the new types of paints they are coming out with .
                                                         Emily decided to help,lol

                                           I wanted to make the doors and balcony Silver.
                       I thought it will pop against all the white outer and interior of the house,
                                                    and you know what ... it does              
                                           These were the doors before I started ..yuck!
                                                       This was it after I sprayed it !

                                                    I just love how this paint looks ^_^

                                                              I even did some charms !