Saturday, November 3, 2012

Scandinavian pop art jewelry line delayed because of hurricane Sandy !

Thought I would just post a quick update on my Scandinavian pop art jewelry line. It was suppose to be available in my Etsy shop last week. But due to the hurricane we got hit with I've been struggling to get it out! . I have manged to put up one new necklace and earring set tho', and am hopeful to have the rest in my shop by no later then next week * fingers crossed * Hmmm...we'll see.
I am posting a link for anyone who may like to see the newest necklace/earring set in my shop


I'm also posting some work in progress photos of what will come,lol..hopefully! 
This new line will have a traditional  Scandinavian style as well as the more modern Scandinavian pop art style- 

~Nov 25 update ~

I feel as though I've been showing everybody stuff of things to come for months now,
but haven't been able to get it in my shop yet ! It's very frustrating -
I assure everyone ..or at least whomever reads this, that the line is almost there, and is pretty epic!

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